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Top 15 Electrical Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid


We learn from history that we never learn from history – Georg Hegel According to data released by the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, 154 fatalities were recorded in the U.S in 2016 . The narrative is not just in the statistics, but the increase in the number of fatalities. The year 2016 saw an […]

The Difference Between Safety Switches And Circuit Breakers Explained

The Difference Between Safety Switches And Circuit Breakers Explained

What Is The Difference Between A Circuit Breaker And A Safety Switch? It is essential to know your equipment when it comes to electricity and electronics. You need to know what you are able to safeguard your household with to prevent damages or injury and sometimes even fatalities when something goes wrong. There are certain […]

5 Main Reasons Why Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Circuit breakers are designed to protect you against electrical hazards such as electrocution or fire and will shut down the power supply and trip when they detect faults which can cause these risks. There are a few circuit breakers located on the electrical panel of your home which is divided into different sections controlling the […]

Why You Should Switch Over to LED Lighting

Electric lights have revolutionized the way we live. Gone is the era that the day ends when the sun goes down; thanks to lights, we can work, hang out with friends, and drive any time we please. It’s not a stretch to say that the modern world is possible thanks to the invention of lighting […]

Why Does Your Home Need An Electrical Safety Inspection?

There are many important reasons that your family home or investment property will need a qualified electrical safety inspection. Commercial and industrial properties must conform to Australian electrical safety regulations. Work Health and Safety Government inspectors enforce a strict policy. If an electrical accident occurs on business premises, then a business owner or worker will […]

Understanding Electrical Transformers

Power is generated at a voltage in the hundreds of thousands, but our home appliances usually clock in at just 110-250V. Since electrical pylons carry electricity that is more than a hundred times more powerful than what your home appliances need, plugging your phone charger or washing machine directly into it would make them explode. […]

13 Useful General Tips To Save On Your Electricity Consumption

There are a few considerations that you can apply to minimise your energy consumption and save some money on your utility bill every month. Lighting Tips For Reducing Your Electricity Usage: Installing LED Globes By replacing your old compact fluorescent lights and halogen light globes with LED globes you can save up to 60 – […]

The Dangers Of Halogen Down Lights

Nowadays, most people use halogen downlights freely in their homes. These downlights are among the most used types of light bulbs used in homes today. While most individuals generally consider them as safe, the following are the dangers of halogen downlights. 4 Reasons why you need to consider changing you our old halogen downlights   […]

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