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Westline Electrical Services are professional, licensed electricians that can carry out all types of smoke alarm installations and replacements in Perth, WA for both residents and businesses.

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Westline Electrical Services are professional, licensed smoke alarm installers in Perth, WA.

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Do you require a hard wired smoke alarm installed by a licensed Perth electrician?

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Smoke alarms are ingenious devices, they are highly practical and very useful. In Western Australia, it has been proven that smoke detectors save thousands of lives each year, and as such, they have been highly recommended but most importantly required in all homes.

Installing a few of these inside a building or a commercial business establishment, especially in areas that are prone to fires, could help you, your employees, and your clients take appropriate action in such cases, there really is no excuse why this part of a comprehensive fire safety plan must be neglected.

Having your smoke alarm replaced or installed by our experienced team will also be accompanied by an electrical safety certificate to showcase the device has been correctly installed in your home.

Experienced Smoke Alarm Installers

The Australian public health and safety laws, alongside department of fire and emergency services, recommend all households should have a working order 240 volt hard wired smoke detectors installed.

Thеrе аrе twо basic types оf smoke alarms. Onе type іѕ thе ionization alarm thаt signals faster іn case а flaming fast-moving fire іѕ present.


Thе оthеr type іѕ thе photoelectric alarm thаt gоеѕ оff mоrе quickly whеn smoldering аnd а smoky fire occurs. However, а rесеnt fusion оf thеѕе twо technologies hаѕ acclaimed mоrе popularity аmоng consumers – thе dual sensor smoke alarm.

As an alternative to the hardwired smoke alarms, if access is absolutely unattainable, our team are also certified to fit battery powered smoke alarms too.


And іn order tо protect individuals wіth hearing disabilities, thеrе аrе nеw smoke alarms аvаіlаblе іn markets thаt uѕе strobe lights оr vibrations to send оff warnings.

Smoke Detector

Our certified electricians can install and replace all types of smoke alarms/smoke detectors:



✓ Hard-wired 240V smoke alarms

✓ Battery powered smoke alarms

✓ Smoke alarms for residential homes

✓ Smoke alarms for commercial properties


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Smoke Alarm Installation Services in Perth, WA

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Westline Electrical Services are your #1 residential & domestic electrical contractors.

We at Westline Electrical Services will not just offer you the latest smoke alarms on the market, but also see to it that we install new smoke alarms that fit your needs and home design.


We ensure you that we only use the best-branded smoke detectors on the market, which we personally have tried and tested. Once we have installed in your residential property our recommended type of smoke alarm, you can rest assured you Perth home is safe and secured with a permanent connection.


Call us today for the installation of your smoke detector and our Perth residential electricians will be at your location to attend to your needs.

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