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Smoke Alarms Save Lives – The Ultimate Smoke Detector Guide to Protect Your Home

Making sure your smoke alarms are in working order is one of the most important steps in ensuring your family and home are safe.

There were many cases when a fire broke out, and people were unaware of it until it is too late. This is why each house and commercial property needs to have adequate smoke detectors installed.  Since 1997 it has been law, under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), to install mains powered smoke alarms in new properties and any existing properties that have undergone significant renovations.

One of the places your family would only feel truly secure is your home. Safety measures have to be implemented so as the risk of encountering disasters and fatalities may be reduced. For one, fires have been a major unfortunate surprise for many families. There are numerous cases of fires that happen when families are asleep. What you can do to avert this from happening in your home is to have smoke detectors installed in key areas of your home.

A smoke detector is a small gadget all homes should have. This can be treated as your family’s mechanical guard – it stands guard all day long and immediately signals with a shrill alarm when it senses smoke. Your family can then be given an ample amount of time to escape to a safe place. Although the way it works may seem very simple, there are certain considerations you have to go through regarding the type and proper installation of a smoke detector.

Fire alarms detect the presence of fire and smoke, but that is not all. They also alert occupants for evacuation purposes, notify emergency response authorities and even initiate procedures to slow or halt the spread of fire. There are a couple types, automated and manual. Automated systems will be triggered automatically upon detection whereas a manual system must be initiated by a person once the threat has been detected.

At Westline Electrical Services, we believe that through our professional smoke alarm installation service, we provide quality and state of the art prevention methods for every commercial and residential property in the Perth Metropolitan.

Click Here to read more about the legislative requirements on the DFES website.

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