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Looking for a professional electrician in Osborne Park, WA 6017? We offer all types of electrical services, as well as emergency electricians in Osborne Park, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who are ready to attend your home in a flash! Our stocked vehicles always carry a wide variety of cable, powerpoints, safety switches, circuit breakers, light switches, smoke alarms and more. This means we can usually rectify and repair all electrical issues on the day without any hassle or downtime. We are Osborne Park’s first choice domestic & commercial electricians, as we guarantee:

    • All types of Electrical works undertaken
    • Affordable Electricians
    • 24/7 Emergency Service
    • High Quality
    • Free No-Obligation Quotes
    • No Hidden Fees
    • On Time Every-time
    • Fully Stocked Vehicles

Our Osborne Park Electrical Contractors are your local expert electricians who can fulfill all your electrical requirements. We offer a genuine emergency service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Westline Electrical has served thousands of customers over the years, developing strong relationships and friendships with many homeowners and businesses.

Our qualified residential & commercial electricians can be at your home within the hour to find and fix any electrical issue that may arise. Our fully stocked vehicles have all types of equipment to ensure that any electrical problem you may experience can be fixed on the same day.


Westline Electrical is a proudly WA owned and operated family business with reliable electricians serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers. With our many years of experience in providing electrical services in Perth metropolitan area, we guarantee that your expectations will not only be met but will even be exceeded! Westline are quickly being recognized as the most affordable, high-quality and best value for money throughout all our competitors in the electrical industry. We only purchase top quality materials such as Clipsal, NHP, HPM and Hager which has been rigorously tested to meet Australian Standards AS/NZS 3000. Our main goal is simple; to provide the best possible electrical service at an affordable price, without compromising quality and safety.

24 Hour Emergency Electricians Osborne Park

The need for a professional Osborne Park electrician during an emergency cannot be overemphasized. Electricity is an essential commodity today, however it is also one of the most dangerous, and when things go wrong, they could easily turn into a disaster if you do not take the right steps. More than any other emergency, it is important to know whom you are going to call during an electrical emergency.

Utility interruptions often take place at the most inconvenient times, and the first call you will make is to an emergency electrician. However, for you to get the best quality of service, you need to engage the services of Westline Electrical Services in Perth for your 24 hours electrical emergency. If you are experiencing any electrical emergency, contact us immediately on 0410 112 903.

Not only will this save you time and money; it could also save your life. As your 24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Osborne Park, the following reasons explain why we differ from all the others.

24-hour Emergency Services

Our 24 hours emergency electrical service as part of our Electrical Services in Osborne Park is available throughout the year. This includes weekends and public holidays. We know that electrical problems can easily create a hazardous situation, therefore we make sure they are taken care of immediately. The safety of you and your family is our top priority.

Certified and Licensed

We have undertaken a variety of rigorous tests to ensure that we are fully qualified to provide high-quality services to the public. Therefore, we have been certified and licensed to carry out emergency electrical services, installations and repairs within a given time frame. Our certification will guarantee your safety and that of your home.

Your Local Electrical Contractor

For your 24-hour emergency electrical services, choosing a company within your area is advisable. This increases your chances of receiving prompt services. Also, our experts and professionals at Westline Electrical Services have more experience and knowledge concerning the electrical needs in the Osborne Park area and offer appropriate solutions.

We will be there for all your electrical emergencies. Our team of electricians are completely mobile and come fully equipped with all the required equipment and diagnostic kits to determine the issue fast and repair it properly and efficiently. We specialize in the local industrial electrical community and know the quickest and best routes to your premises in Osborne Park, avoiding congestion areas and traffic hot spots.

Just give us a call and we will send a licensed electrician to your home to perform any electrical repair service!

Electrical Services Osborne Park

At Westline Electrical Services, our expert technicians provide electrical services for both residential and commercial customers. Both these types of electrical services take different skill sets and experience.

The needs of every individual customer are important to us at Westline Electrical Services. Our focus of providing quality residential and commercial electrician services in Osborne Park, combined with honesty has made us the first choice of many residential and business clients in Perth. You can count on us to take care of your electrical services needs in Osborne Park – day or night. We can help you with the following:

Powerpoints Require additional powerpoints in your home or business? Have a dodgy powerpoint that does not work? We can help with all your powerpoint installations, whether you need more or less, Westline Electrical are your one stop shop for electrical home improvements.

Lighting Design – At Westline, we have the perfect lighting design for your home or business. When you need expert lighting solutions and installations across Perth, you can depend on the professional expertise and great service you receive from Westline Electrical.

Switches & Dimmers – Most people do not pay much attention to their switches and dimmers until they are not working anymore. At Westline Electrical Services, we can help you get the electricity you need, when and where you need it, both safely and securely.

We understand that electrical switches are one of the most important parts of your homes’ electrical system, and we deliver high reliability and performance. We have the perfect electrical switch for your project and the perfect dimming solution for your lighting.

Switchboard Upgrade Upgrading your switchboard, although simple, is vital. If done by Westline Electrical Services in Perth, it will help increase the electrical efficiency and safety of your property. It will bring your electrical system up to Australian Standard of AS300 and most importantly protect you and your family.

Electrical Rewiring Before remodeling or renovating your home, think about rewiring. We will help you make your home wiring sufficient to meet today’s electrical consumption needs. The electrical wiring of a property can quite literally make or break the structure’s safety and efficiency.

RCD Safety trip Switches Has your power gone “off” but your lights remain “on” (or visa versa)? It may be that your safety switch has tripped “off”. Westline Electrical Services expert electricians in Osborne Park will immediately come and help you reset it.

Smoke Alarms At Westline Electrical Service, we believe that through our smoke alarm electrical service, we can provide comprehensive prevention methods to every home in Perth. This will help to boost your domestic health and safety.

Ceiling and Exhaust Fans – The key to having a low electricity bill is ceiling and exhaust fans made of high-quality materials. At Westline Electrical Services, we will help you install these fans and ensure that it does not affect your electricity bill immensely, and also put your life at risk.

Hot plates and Ovens – Upgrading your hot plate or oven? Renovating and require disconnection? At Westline Electrical, we can have your new oven or hotplate installed and ready to fire up that same day. We have installed many cooking appliances in Perth homes and businesses. Give us a call today or make a booking online.

Lighting Installation Osborne Park

Installation of all types of lighting needs to be done in a precise and careful manner, and that is why you need the services of Westline Electrical in Perth to get your property illuminated without any hassles. What’s more? We are your 24-hour emergency electricians in the Osborne Park area. Let us help you beautify your home with our Lighting Installation Services which includes:

LED lighting – LED (Lighting Emitting Diode) and commonly referred to as ‘digital lights’ are known for their ability to consume just small amounts of power, thus saving you a lot of money.

As you strive to increase the efficiency and ecological friendliness of your property, we at Westline Electrical Services would love to be by your side and provide you with our expertise in the installation of LED lighting for your home and commercial area.

Outdoor Lighting Part of our role at Westline Electrical Services is to provide our esteemed clientele with fantastic outdoor lighting installations. These are designed to guarantee a level of safety and security to their guests and the residents whilst adding a ton of value to their property.

Feature lighting – Feature lighting includes the typical lamp, wall sconce lighting and chandelier lighting. The purpose of this type of lighting is tо highlight existing features оf a room or add abundance to a hallway or stairwell. We understand hоw feature lighting works аnd wіll ensure уоurѕ іѕ installed perfectly аnd correctly.

Emergency lighting In еvеrу commercial establishment, office аnd workplace, the presence оf functioning emergency lighting іѕ essential. In fact, іt іѕ mandated bу thе law tо kеер thеm operational аt аll times.

Emergency lighting fоr уоur home or business is essential fоr уоu аnd уоur employees’ safety аnd аlѕо thе progress аnd continuity оf уоur business.

Security Lighting Security lighting іѕ оftеn uѕеd tо deter trespassing аnd оthеr criminal activities оn а property. Thеу aim tо dо thіѕ bу accomplishing thе following:

  • Improving thе level оf illumination аnd safety fоr security personnel.
  • Supporting оthеr security systems (i.e. cameras)
  • Improving thе likelihood оf identifying intruders еіthеr іn person оr оn videotape

Here at Westline Electrical Services, we offer security lighting installation services in Osborne Park designed to cover these areas and more.

Maintenance Electrical in Osborne Park

It is said that prevention is better than a cure. The same goes for all kinds of electrical installations and wiring. With proper electrical maintenance in place, you can keep everyone safe in your home, office or business facility. You need to schedule regular electrical maintenance services to uphold your electronic appliances securely, ensuring they work for a long period of time

That is why it always pays to ensure a business is trusted only to reputable Electrical Contractors in Osborne Park, who will ensure electrical installation is carried out correctly, and will also provide ongoing electrical maintenance.

Electrical installations are part of the fabric of any business, big or small, being pivotal to lighting and operation of machinery.

So, it is imperative to have on call electrical contractors in Osborne Park for your Electrical Maintenance Services in Osborne Park. At Westline Electrical Services in Perth, our job is to help you resolve any problems that arise from your electrical maintenance quickly and more efficiently. We carry out routine electrical maintenance to make sure that problems do not occur.

That is why an ongoing professional relationship makes the most sense for any business, where even a temporary fault is costly.

Residential Electrician Osborne Park

At Westline Electrical in Perth, our superior service starts the moment that you contact us. You will be greeted by a uniformed person, who will politely listen to what your needs are and then take the appropriate steps to assist you.

We are a full-service electrical company and number one Residential Electrician in Osborne Park. We will help to ensure that your residential electric service project is finished in time. Our technicians are always ready to respond to your needs. We understand how embarrassing the loss of power can be, and we make every effort to respond promptly every time.

Don’t let electrical issues leave you sitting around scratching your head. Our licensed electricians can save you time, money and trouble, diagnosing even the toughest electrical and lighting issues in Osborne Park. What’s more, our expert electricians in Osborne Park make sure your residential electrical projects are performed correctly and safely the first time, getting your life back on track.

Commercial Electrician Osborne Park

It is vital for your home to have functioning electricity. With Westline Electrical Services in Perth to set this up for you, your game time with the kids, kitchen masterpiece or any activity that depends on electricity would never be interrupted. We are your go to Commercial Electrician in Osborne Park.

Osborne Park Commercial Electricians specialize in working on industrial buildings, factories, and any other type of commercial property you can imagine. This kind of electrical work greatly differs from Osborne Park Residential Services because of the amount of power that is involved, and because of the code and regulations that must be adhered to.

Do you own a commercial building or place of business in Perth? Then, you can use a wide range of Westline Electrical Services. Whether it is maintenance or installation, you are covered with our 24 Hour Electrician Services in Osborne Park.

Many power systems that power a commercial complex or building is run underground. We will help you tunnel all of the power lines safely and efficiently. On top of this, we will map out a plan to where everything can be serviced efficiently and make sure each line is routed correctly. This is just one of many examples of how complicated this type of electrical work can be.

Our experienced electrical team is dedicated to utilizing the most modern and effective technology for your business.

Westline Electrical Services is your premier source for commercial electrical contractor services in Perth. Our Expert Electricians in Osborne Park provide a highly trained workforce to meet your business needs.

They will make sure everything is functioning properly, and will work to keep your energy use as low as possible. We believe that safety is a top priority.

Electrical Safety Inspection Osborne Park


Faulty electrical appliances and systems are the second leading cause of commercial and residential fires here in Perth.

Faulty electrical systems can cause electrocution and also unsafe use of electrical systems.

This really emphasises the importance of having your home or office’s electrical system regularly inspected for safety.

At Westline Electrical Services, we offer safety inspection services designed to fulfill this need.

Our Osborne Park Electrician will inspect:

  • Your Power points
  • Lights and Switches
  • Appliances
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Switchboard, Circuit breakers and more.

Licensed and Insured Electricians of Osborne Park

Westline Electrical Services is permitted to provide electrical services in Osborne Park and Perth as a whole. Accredited with NECA and Master electricians, Westline guarantees the highest possible safety standards, high quality work and knowledge of all electrical regulations. Our insurance makes sure you and your property are covered while fixing your electrical projects in Osborne Park.

No matter what your electrical project is, big or small, our reliable electrician in Osborne Park is determined and committed to provide the absolute best service to our esteemed customers in the Osborne Park Area.

Send us a message or call Westline today on 0410 112 903 for any of your electrical requirements in Osborne Park. We will have a qualified tradesman on the road and at your front door in no time! Westline Electrical serves all suburbs within Perth and its surrounding areas. Check out our Areas We Service page for a full list.

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