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Electric Vehicle Charging Installation in Perth, WA

Every owner of an electric vehicle (EV) must install a charger to charge their vehicle. Contact Westline Electrical Services if you’re considering installing an EV charger in Perth.
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Westline Electrical Services are professional, licensed electricians in Perth that specialise in providing quality EV installation services to residents and businesses.

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Professional Electric Vehicle Charging Installation in Perth, WA - Westline Electrical Services

Electric Vehicle Charging Installation Services

Our electricians install EV chargers in Perth for any use, including in residences,

workplaces, apartment complexes, strata buildings, and more. By implementing cutting-
edge EV charging stations at your retail centre, we can also assist you in attracting a new demographic and revenue source.

Regardless of the electrical requirements needed, our team can cater for any electric vehicle charging installation. Contact our team for a free estimate today via phone or fill out our form for $55 off.

As an EV charger installer in Perth, we are laying the foundation for electric vehicles. For residential and business clients, including those with multiple dwellings, strata buildings, workplaces, and retail and shopping centre parking lots, we install EV chargers.

Electrical Vehicle Charging, WA
Electrical Vehicle Charging in Perth

Your new EV charger project is scoped out and installed by us, including any minor earthwork, cable running, and testing. Everything you require for a hassle-free, legal, and secure installation of an EV charger is provided by our electricians.

Installation and design from beginning to end

Your new EV charger project is scoped out and installed by us, including any minor earthwork, cable running, and testing. Everything you require for a hassle-free, legal, and secure installation of an EV charger is provided by our electricians.

High-quality electrical parts and EV chargers

We exclusively use top-tier EV charging equipment and have selected our items from

industry leaders. To further enhance user safety, our team employs thorough testing

and premium electrical components.

Westline Electrical, Certified EV Installers in Perth, WA

We’re proud to say Westline Electrical Services have installed hundreds of ev chargers throughout the local Perth, WA area and we will continue to serve them for many more years to come.

Any works carried out on electrical vehicle stations by our team are of the highest standards of electrical works. We certify all our works in accordance with Australian Electrical Standards, as safety is our number one priority.

With over 150+ five-star reviews for our electrical services, Westline are the number one choice. Contact Westline Electrical Services if you require a local, trusted and tried electric vehicle charging station installation based in the Perth, WA region.

If you have a question about our EV charging services, or we haven’t listed a particular service you require, please check with our team.

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You can get a free estimate for our electric vehicle charging installation services by contacting Westline Electrical Services. Call us on (08) 9118 3110 to speak with an expert in your area.

Electric Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

To help you learn more about EVs and EV chargers, we’ve developed a list of frequently asked questions (and some you might not have considered!).

1 – How does an EV charger work?

Specialized EVSE hardware is found in EV chargers, which uses an electrical source to recharge the EV battery. For instance, whereas fast chargers that use DC power provide DC power directly to the battery, the EV charger (in the vehicle) converts energy from AC
to DC. The WA Government has further information about electric vehicle charging.

2 – How do I use an EV charger?

Depending on whether you use an adaptor cable or the one from the EV charger, whether it’s a free EV charging station, pay-as-you-go, or subscription-based EV charging configuration, the EV charging process may differ across EVs and EV chargers. You might hear a lock-in sound when you attach the connection to the EV, and you can look for charging-related signs on your dashboard to ensure the vehicle is charging successfully.

3 – Can I use an app for my electric vehicle charger?

Most EV chargers and vehicles are compatible with apps, and you can find out when the vehicle is charged by using an app. When you have enough charge, you might need to pick this option in the app or hit stop on the EV charger. The cable will then be unplugged and placed back on the charging station.

4 – Which EV charger is the fastest?

The world’s fastest EV charger, the Terra 360 from ABB, boasts a full charge time of under 15 minutes, making it the fastest type of EV charger.

5 - How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle in Perth?

The Australian Electric Vehicle Council estimates that the cost of operating an EV is $4 per 100 kilometres. Additionally, Canstar Blue estimates that charging an electric vehicle in Perth and throughout Australia will cost between a third and a quarter less than refuelling a gasoline-powered vehicle.

6 - How long does it take to install an EV charger?

The length of time needed to install a new EV charging solution for multi-dwelling or commercial EV charging stations depends on the location and hardware requirements; your trained EV electrician will provide installation times.

7 - How much does it cost to install an EV charger?

Installation fees for home EV chargers range from $1000 to $2500 in Perth, with hardware making up the majority of the price. Depending on the location and particular needs, a single port public AC electric vehicle charger installation in Perth can range in price from $1950 to $3000. Installation costs for multiple port electric vehicle charging stations in public parking lots and garages might reach $6,000. Due to high hardware expenses, DC rapid electric car charging stations can range in price from $40,000 to $100,000.

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