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Electrical Defect Notice

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Electrical Defect Notices: Electrical Solutions to Fix

Electrical Defect Notice in Perth, WA

Regardless of how severe your electrical defect notice may be, our team can cater for fixing/putting right any electrical faults. Contact our team for a free estimate today via phone or fill out our form for $55 off.

Electrical Assessment & Corrections

An electrical defect notice is a notification informing homeowners that their electrical installations do not meet safety requirements and must be fixed by an electrical specialist is known as an “electrical defect notice.”


You are likely to get an electrical fault notice if, as a homeowner, your electricity connection does not adhere to the safety requirements and guidelines established by the WA government. The notification you’ll receive often includes information on any flaws found on your overhead or private powerlines by regulators.



The problems listed in the notice must be fixed within 21 days. It is crucial to keep in mind that failure to do so could result in your property’s electrical connections being severed.


Why are reports of electrical defects sent out?

An electrical deficiency notice may be given to a homeowner for any of the following

five reasons. They consist of:


1) Issues at the point of connection – You will undoubtedly receive a defect notice from the appropriate power authority if there are any electrical cables in your property that are incorrectly installed, frayed, or require immediate repair.


2) Unsafe switchboard – Switchboards are frequently considered unsafe if they cannot handle the electrical demands of your property. It is recommended to obtain a switchboard upgrade as soon as possible because an outdated switchboard will either cause your fuses to overheat or trip. When inspecting your switchboard, inspectors will issue a notice for an electrical defect if they discover any potentially hazardous elements.


3) Low-hanging overhead cables – If you didn’t know, all electricity lines and overhead cables are subject to severe height clearance regulations, particularly when they are situated over driveways, alleyways, streets, and pathways. It is also your duty as the property owner to ensure that no trees or other plants come into touch with the accessible overhead lines. This is crucial because it safeguards communities from bushfires. If any power lines that go to your property are shorter than the required height, you will be issued a notice for an electrical defect.


4) A private power pole that may be hazardous – If you have a power pole or a private power line If an inspector determines that your timber or steel power pole is in poor condition and presents a risk to the general public, you will be notified of an electrical defect. An illustration of this would be if your pole was in danger of toppling over on a public sidewalk, road, or even a building.


5) Damaged or missing equipment – In many cases, malfunctioning switchboards, electrical fires, and meltdowns are brought on by damaged or missing electrical equipment. Inspection officials will typically issue an electrical defect notice for this reason.


What should you do if you receive a notice of an electrical defect?

You must take immediate action to fix the problem as described on the electrical defect notice. You have 21 days to make sure the flaw is fixed. The first thing you should do is call your neighbourhood level 2 electricians and ask them for aid in fixing the fault.


To assist you with any electrical issue, all level 2 electricians are completely qualified and authorised to do any type of electrical process. To prevent receiving another notice, a skilled electrician will make sure that the rest of your house is secure and free of flaws.



What happens if the flaw is not fixed?

It should be warned that any flaws that are not fixed within 21 days of notification could result in your electricity being cut off. You want to make sure that the repairs are made in accordance with WA standards and laws because you don’t want to encounter such a situation.

Level 2 Authorized Service Providers

Our Level 2 electricians are available to you all across Perth. They are qualified and have the necessary training and expertise. We promise to resolve any electrical problem notices and ensure that your home’s electrical system is operating flawlessly.


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