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6 Awesome Electrical Safety Tips For Children In Australia

Electricity is part of everyday life in Australia its easy to forget just how extremely dangerous it can be for all of us. It can be especially dangerous for our children.

Many people are seriously injured sometimes killed because of electricity each year around Australia. The average Australian home produces 230 Volts. This is easily enough to kill an adult let alone a small child.

Dealing with even the most of what appears insignificant when it comes to electrical issues. Can save you possibly in the future.

Information provided by Jordan Vellutini at Westline Electrical Services in Perth.

Electrical safety is vital to parents. Our kids can be curious and have no idea how lethal electricity can be. Parents may not know what steps they can take to keep the home safer for our children.

Here are 6 useful tips free to help you avoid a potential disaster.


1 Covering up Electrical Outlets


Kids head for our electrical outlets. They tend see us pulling and putting cords into them. This tends to increase curiosity for kids when the parents are focusing on something. The small fingers of a child can sometimes fit into the sockets.  Children have also been known to put instruments such as cutlery or keys into power sockets


Electrical covers should be used when not using outlets. These can be purchased from online platforms such as eBay quite easily and most electrical stores. They are generally very affordable. Simply plug them into the sockets the same way you would any plug. Children most of the time will have difficulty removing them


2 Make Electrical Outlets Difficult to Access


Where are your electrical outlets located? Is it possible to rearrange your furniture? Making it more difficult for kids to locate or access your outlets. You should nip the issue in the bud. Our children can be known to pull plugs out easily by pulling the cords. This then leaves the outlet exposed.


Take care in thinking where outlets are connected to our many modern appliances such as gaming, TV’s and phone chargers. You will be surprised on how kids will find these appliances easily and the outlets connected with them.


Make it difficult for them is what is suggested. Place these appliances on shelves and places that are higher up and out of reach of little hands.


3 Keeping Cords Hidden and Out of the Way


Lose cords or cords that are strewn across rooms can be a hazard as well. Children at times will run and don’t always look where they are going. Cords that not packed away can make it easy for a child to trip over them. This can lead to accidents and injury. In some case you can wrap cords up and duct tape them. This will shorten excess cord.


You can also hide cords under carpets and rugs. This has been an effective measure to take.


4 Beware of the Kitchen and Keep Appliances Stable


The kitchen is not only a fun place for adults. It can be extremely hazardous for our kids. Don’t leave food cooking if unattended. If you use electrical elements some energetic children have been known to even climb up chairs and stools. Giving them access to potentially harmful exposure.


Keep chairs and stools in places where children cannot use them as ladders.


Hands can also be trapped and damaged by being allowed to reach under refrigerators. Possibly block these entrances so tiny hands will not get caught.


Keep appliances stable by allowing them not to be pulled down on top of children. The microwave oven is commonly placed on top of refrigerators. Make sure this can not be easily pulled down by the cord.


Stabilise your appliances and make it difficult to pull things down.


5 Be on Guard


Prevention is always better than the cure. So, staying aware and alert for potential harm is good advice. We advise using basic common sense. If you have an outlet that buzz’s or is making a sound that it shouldn’t. This should be fixed immediately. Call your local 24 hour electrician and ask for someone to come and fix the issue.


If you have frayed or damaged power cords. These should also be replaced straight away. We advise strongly on making a kid safe environment when it comes to electricity.


Flickering lights attract children so if you can place tape over these or any other method to avoid attracting kids in that direction. Christmas tree lights should be safely displayed. Make sure loose cords are packed away out of reach of children.


Overloading power sockets is not good practice. This can be especially harmful to children as it does increase electrical activity. Sometimes even simply touching an overloaded socket can lead to an electrical shock.


Sockets that randomly work should be fixed. We advise calling a local electrician and have the issue addressed. These sockets can be more dangerous than you realise.


Plugs that don’t fit properly into sockets should be removed. These are also dangerous and hazardous to children. The electricity becomes directly exposed to little fingers. Children tend to put fingers in their mouths. Exposed electricity and water can be deadly. We strongly advise removing plugs that are not flush with the electrical outlet.


If you see anything that is not right. Or smell any electrical burning we advise on not ignoring it. Call your local electrician and get the situation looked at. Electricity is not to be taken lightly. Especially when it comes to the safety of your family and children.


6 Education


Start trying to educate your kids on electricity as soon as you think they can understand. Sometimes our children are more intelligent than we give them credit for.


Teaching kids about what they should touch and not touch is one of the most simple and effective ways of avoiding tragedy. Kids love learning, so you can make it fun. They need to know which the appliances they can touch, and which are the appliances other things they should not.


We hope our tips have been helpful and if you would like any other information on electrical issues visit our blog page


If you have any concerns about the electrical safety of your home, contact the friendly team at Westline Electrical Services who can assist in providing an in-depth electrical safety inspection

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