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Do I Need an Electrical Safety Certificate?

Electrical safety is of paramount importance to both enterprises and individuals, the requirement for electrical safety certificates is governed by the Government of Western Australia, Department of Commerce.

Understanding when and why you need an electrical safety certificate is essential for maintaining compliance and protecting your property. In this blog post, we outline the situations in which procuring an electrical safety certificate is required for Western Australia.


Newly installed electrical installations

When establishing a new business or property in Western Australia, an electrical safety certificate is required by law. Any newly installed electrical systems in a commercial building, residential property, or industrial facility must be inspected and approved by a licenced electrical contractor.

This certificate verifies that the electrical work complies with all applicable safety standards and regulations, ensuring the safety of occupants and legal compliance.


Electrical Modifications and Additions

When making changes or additions to your existing electrical systems, such as modifying wiring, installing new circuits, or upgrading equipment, an electrical safety certificate is required. This ensures that the modifications adhere to safety standards and pose no risks.

It is essential to hire a licenced electrical contractor who will inspect and certify the modifications to ensure that the work is performed correctly and safely.


Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

Routine maintenance and repairs are essential to the correct operation and longevity of electrical systems. Certain repairs or replacements of essential components, such as switchboards or safety valves, may necessitate an electrical safety certificate. Consult a licenced electrician to determine if a safety certificate is necessary for specific maintenance or repair work.


Before Real Estate Sale or Lease

Before selling or leasing a property in Western Australia, an electrical safety certificate is required. This certificate verifies that the property’s electrical installations are safe and in accordance with applicable regulations.

It assures prospective purchasers or renters that the electrical systems have been inspected and conform to the required standards. Engaging a licenced electrical contractor to conduct the inspection and issue the certificate facilitates safe and efficient property transactions.


Compliance with Required Insurance

Insurance companies often require electrical safety certificates as a prerequisite for coverage. Having a valid electrical safety certificate in Western Australia can assist you in meeting the insurance requirements for your business or property.

By obtaining this certificate, you demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a safe electrical environment, which not only ensures compliance but also gives you peace of mind in the event of an electrical incident.



Whether you are establishing a new property, making alterations, conducting maintenance, or engaging in property transactions in Western Australia, understanding when you need an electrical safety certificate is vital for compliance, safety, and peace of mind.


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