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6 Most Familiar Electrical Threats That Occur In The Workplace

It helps to be knowledgeable about the electrical risks to follow adequate steps in minimize these risks and preventing unfavourable incidents from happening again or at all in the workplace.

There Are Four Predominant Power-Related Injuries:

  • Electrocution
  • The shock when someone encountered a live wire that is not grounded, allowing the electricity too flow through the body.
  • Electrical burns, typically occurring on the hands and feet where the electrical current enters or exits the body. These injuries are excruciating and can be disfiguring in some cases.
  • Secondary injuries, for example, being thrown off a ladder or falling as an after-effect of the shock, resulting in injury.

Familiar Hazards Happening In The Workplace:

  1. Inadequate Wiring

This happens when a conductor is not big enough to adequately carry the electrical current flowing through it. For example, using a portable tool with an extension cord which is not equipped to handle the inrush current of the tool, resulting in the cord overheating and causing a fire hazard.

  1. Overloading

Too often it happens that circuit is overloaded with too many devices plugged into it, causing the wires to overheat. In case of the insulation melting, arcing can occur which can lead to a fire in the place where the overloading occurs.

  1. Ground Faults

If there is a fault opening in the circuit where electrical currents are flowing, and the circuit is not properly grounded, the person can become an extension of the circuit by touching a wire or holding energised tools like electrical drills.

  1. Overhead Power Lines

Many people don’t know that overhead power lines are not usually insulated. Always maintain a safe distance when working in close proximity to power lines. Occupational health and safety require that all equipment be kept no less than ten feet away from overhead power lines with a voltage of up to 50kV.

  1. Live Parts

Some electrical equipment poses a danger of a person coming into direct contact with the current, as the equipment is deemed “live”. Entrances should be marked with noticeable warning signs to warn people against accidental contact.

  1. Improper Use Of Temporary Wiring

Temporary wiring is more likely to be damaged than fixed wiring because of ageing, staples and fastenings to hold it in place, rough edges close to windows and doors and activities happening close by. By misusing flexible cords, they can result in burns, electrical shocks or fire.


It is essential that electrical repair is carried out only by certified electrician who are willing to provides you 24 hour emergency electrician services.

Most electrical accidents that are happening in an commercial environment is due to unsafe installation, defective or faulty devices or the misuse of equipment, especially power strips, extension cords and surge protectors.

However, by making all employees alert to the potential electrical threats and report any problem areas sooner rather than later, it can be repaired timeously by contacting commercial electricians and avoid dangerous incidents from occurring. Share informational tips on the correct use of electrical equipment and the do’s and don’ts to provide a safe working environment for all.

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