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11 Useful Indications For Identifying Outdated Electrical Wiring In Your Home

Electrical wiring plays a vital role, as it keeps your home running and when the wiring is damaged, and out of date, it can initiate significant problems including life-threatening dangers such as house fires or electrocution and damage to your home’s structure.

A significant percentage of residential fires have to do with faulty electrical wiring, outlets and receptacles.

There are steps that a homeowner can take to prevent these hazards. It is vital to take residential electrical services every years to determine whether it needs to be updated or repaired.

Warning Signs To Be On The Look-Out For:

  1. Repeated tripped breakers or blown fuses can be an indication of your home’s circuits being overloaded.
  2. An over-fused or over-amped distribution board.
  3. Flickering or dimming lights which is an indication of circuit-overloading or lose connections. Over time, the connections between the switches and wiring tend to loosen up. Therefore it is necessary to check switch plates and cover plates regularly and that the wiring is securely inside. Missing, broken or cracked plates must be replaced immediately.
  4. Light globes that regularly burn out within their sockets which is a sign of the fixture not sustaining the globe wattage.
  5. Unusual noises (crackling, buzzing or sizzling) coming from appliances, switches or outlets is a sure sign of a severe underlying problem.
  6. Excessive heat damage to switch plates, plugs or cords. Scorch marks or warm spots on switches or outlets signify unsafe wiring.
  7. A burning smell is coming from outlets.
  8. Sparks or arcs whenever you’re plugging or unplugging a plug into an outlet.
  9. Experiencing an electrical shock whenever a plug is plugged in or when touching a cord.
  10. Fraying wires due to corrosion, heat, age or damages. Damaged wires should be reported to best electrician immediately as they pose a serious threat to your home and yourself. If you are confused about how to select electrician and want to know which is the best electrician near me. You can check it online, many electrician contact number will available for you.
  11. Smoke coming from an appliance, along the baseboards or outlets are always a cause for concern. In case of smoke, switch off all devices without touching any wires. It is also advisable to turn off the main circuit breaker and wait for an electrician to locate the origin of the smoke.


Additional Reasons Why You Should Be Checking Your Home’s Electrical Wiring:

It is imperative that the electrical system in your home is checked intermittently even if you haven’t noticed any of the warning signs mentioned above. Electrical codes differ, depending on the location of your home, but there are common conditions that justify an inspection from a qualified Electrician.

  • If your home is older than 40 years.
  • If you’re dependent on extension cords to provide power.
  • If you’ve had major renovations done to your home or added large appliances that could put more strain on your existing system.
  • When you have two-prong outlets, and your home is ungrounded.
  • If your home is equipped with aluminum wiring instead of copper. In this case you will more than likely require a complete rewire of your home
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