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Repairing Your Electrical Wiring

Faulty electrical wiring can lead to substantial issues for homeowners which result in significant expenses relating to structural damage or even worse, loss of life if not repaired as soon as possible.



When are the considerations when you’re suspecting faulty wiring?

  1. Higher Energy Consumption

Issues with defective wiring can result in electricity leakage in a number of ways. The damaged wiring can cause connected devices to warm up and utilise more electricity than usual.

  1. Aluminium Wiring

Aluminium electrical wiring can be the cause of significant problems as it can expand and contract with fluctuation temperatures. This can result in loose connections which is a fire hazard. It is advisable to consider replacing your existing aluminum wire with copper wiring.

  1. Wiring Was Done By An Unlicensed Electrician

Signs of a poor electrical wiring installation may include frayed wires or cable splices which are extremely hazardous. And if you suspect that the previous owner of your home hired an unlicensed electrician to perform the work, it is essential to follow up and contact a licensed electrician to do an assessment of the wiring and to advise you about possible rewiring or upgrading of your existing wiring.

  1. Faulty Appliances Or Lighting

Light fixtures and electrical appliances should not vibrate, make buzzing noises or shock you when they are turned on. If you experience any of these problems, refrain from touching them and make sure you contact an electrician immediately.

  1. Recurrent Tripping Or Burning Smells

Whenever a burning smell is detected, particularly relating to anything electrical, it is vital to phone a professional and not attempting to locate the problem or fix the issue yourself. In many instances, the warning signs of electrical fires are not noticeable, neither to they emit a colour or smell. Therefore, when you do detect a scent, a professional need to be contacted immediately.



Recurrent tripping of circuit breakers may be a sign of the safety capacity of the breakers being exceeded due to overloading or that there may be a short-circuit in the electrical wiring system somewhere. Both of these problems can cause a fire.

Preventative Measures To Avoid A Fire Or Other Problems

  • Have your electrical wiring checked periodically by a professional.
  • Ensure that the electrician checks for any damaged or frayed wires, as they can overheat and result in sparks which can start a fire.
  • Avoid overloading your power outlets by plugging too many plugs into an extension cable or outlet, as this is a frequent cause of fires in residential homes. Also, you can install power strips with internal overload protection which will result in the power shutting off when the usage limit is exceeded.
  • Always keep flammable materials away from appliances such as dryers, lamps or irons and don’t hide wiring underneath carpeting. If they overheat, it can easily set alight and cause a house fire.
  • Always keep electrical wiring away from water.
  • At all times, make you use a licensed electrician to carry out electrical work at your home.
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