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13 Useful General Tips To Save On Your Electricity Consumption

There are a few considerations that you can apply to minimise your energy consumption and save some money on your utility bill every month.

Lighting Tips For Reducing Your Electricity Usage:

  1. Installing LED Globes

By replacing your old compact fluorescent lights and halogen light globes with LED globes you can save up to 60 – 80%, especially in places where lights are on for extended periods, i.e. office buildings. Purchasing LED globes are a more expensive option, but they can save you a lot of money long-term.

  1. Reducing Wattage

By selecting globes with wattage that matches the purpose of your room or the ambience you would like to create, you can save money by not having an overly lit room which ends up wasting power. You can also consider light fittings like fabric or coloured glass ones that blocks half of the light emanated, is not a wise choice. Consider your light fitting choices carefully.

  1. Installing Dimmer Switches

When purchasing globes, check if they’re able to work with dimmer switches which can reduce the volume of power the globes are using. Timers are especially useful in case of someone leaving a light on. It will switch off the lights after a set amount of time.f

  1. Installing Sensors And Timers

Motion sensors in rooms like storerooms and toilets can make a huge difference when you don’t want lights to burn unnecessarily when the rooms are not in use.

  1. Individual Light Switches

When you’re installing a light system, ensure that a group of lights or each light are equipped with individual switches. This way only the lights required are in use. For example, there’s no reason to light up the whole warehouse when you’re just needing access to a specific section.

  1. Investing In Solar

Solar lighting is an excellent way of saving money, especially for outside lights. The lamps will charge up during the day, and by night time you can merely switch them on without worrying about wasting power.

  1. Turning Lights Off

One of the best ways of saving power is to remember to switch off lights in rooms that are not in use.

  1. Not Switching Lights On Unnecessarily

People are often tempted to turn lights on when its overcast outside. By keeping skylights, windows and light fittings clean and opening the blinds, you can still have the room illuminated enough by using natural light without the need to switch on lights.

Other Tips For General Appliances:

  • In Winter, ensure that electric blankets are switched off when not used during the day.
  • Ensure that the energy saving mode on your PC is switched on to reduce energy consumption when it is not in use at times.
  • Always switch off TVs (including wall-mounted TVs), computers, stereos, game consoles and DVD players at the wall outlet, as they still use electricity when in standby mode.
  • Avoid using heaters that consume a lot of power and is unhealthy by instead opting for more blankets. Sometime with overheating electric machine get blast and put your life in risk. To overcome this problem, you must contact the emergency electrician in Perth.
  • Devices such as cell phones that need to be recharged will continue consuming power after it is fully charged. Disconnect the device as soon as it is fully charged.

For more information contact with your professional electrical services providers. They will gives you all the hints how you can properly use your electric machine and decreases your electric bill.

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